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Concord, MA Barn Restoration
There has been quite a bit of change around town in the decades since Jim Nickerson, a 1968 graduate of Concord-Carlisle High School and self-described ski bum, moved near Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine.

“It’s neat to be back in town,” said Nickerson, who has been working in town since the beginning of May. “It’s changed so much and it’s busy. I never thought I would see the bowling alley gone.”

But one thing that has not changed with the times is the old barn on Thoreau Street that Nickerson, the owner of Nickerson Building Movers, came down from Kingfield, Maine, to help restore.

Nickerson and his crew have dug and excavated it all out, rebuilt all the plates and sills, which were eaten by termites, and expect to finish with grading, installing the windows and pouring the floor within the next week or so. The owners will take care of the siding and roof, which will be finished by the summer’s end.
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“They couldn’t put any equipment in the barn anymore,” he said of the carriage house built around 1860 and now used for storage. “The building had sagged a couple of feet and it was sitting on the ground. … If they drove another truck through there it would have gone right into the basement.”